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My dad, mom and me  I spent my entire childhood watching my mother perform magic. Her props?....a padded highback, a pack of green doublemint chewing gum, a pair of "fabric-only" scissors, and a Singer that I can still hear the hum of. Her muse?...The Fabric! Ohhh...the Fabric! I could sit for hours under her cutting table, buried in the piles of gingham, houndstooth, flannel, silk, wool, brocade, linen, velvet, chiffon... in my cocoon of fabric, I would watch the magic unfold. My favorite trick up her sleeve? fourth grade Halloween costume....a California Raisin! Of all things....

In my early 20's she bought me my first sewing machine. I set out immediately to create...and that is what I did. I made a purse from a silk shirt in my closet, because I loved the pattern, and I loved the challenge. Starting with a piece of fabric seemed way too easy!

For years I had fun with sewing, making things at the request of friends and such. But it wasn’t until after my fourth child that I started turning to  practical design. I decided to cloth diaper, and as a way of cutting costs, began making my own diaper accessories. 
My littlest guy

My first cloth diaper baby!

About this same time, I saw a clever idea for fabric snack bags, and set out to make my own set for each of my kids! Let me tell you - when you show your friends your new snack bags, and brag about how practical they are, and how much money you save, and how much less waste you create, they want you to make some for them too!! And when your "collective friends" learn that you can sew, and make clever things that are so beneficial to your life, and that you don't charge anything, they start asking for more things! And then you decide....enough with the free stuff for all my friends, and you create a business called generationMe!!

I now have an entire line of eco-friendly, reusable products designed to reduce the waste and add to the beauty in your life. 

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