generationMe -


generationMe started as an idea and desire to become more waste-free and eco-conscious in my home. With four kids and two adults, we generated an awful lot of waste, and it was just killing me!

I started the cloth diaper process with my youngest two and only wish that I had been more informed earlier to have done it with the older kids. It's definitely better late than never!

I was also in a fact-finding stage with the so-called cleaning and personal care products we used. Let the home purge process commence! There are almost no products in my home today that I once pledged allegiance to.

generationMe has been owned and operated by Meg Eldridge since 2010.
Meg creates and designs all of the products out of her home studio in Janesville, WI on industrial machines. She has recently added five independent contractors to asssist her in product creation and development.